Harden Washerless Cartridges & Repair Parts

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Do we have YOUR stem??
Is your faucet a HARDEN faucet?

Look at the Harden stem to the right & compare your stem to this one...If this does not look like your stem or you cannot tell the difference please click here for more comparisons.

**Don't be concerned about length...the stem can be cut to your matching size.

**If you have LEVER handles then you will need stems that turn opposite directions.

**If you have ROUND handles then you will need stems that turn the same direction.

These are not generic replacement parts, they are genuine manufacturer (Harden) replacements that will last for years & years. Don't be fooled - Others just don't last long.

Yes, we have the hard-to-find
repair parts you need

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When they are gone - They are gone forever


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4 & 8" center lav faucet stems for sink only.

Hot side only. You can use the hot stems for both sides but the handles will turn backwards.

On: clockwise

Off: counterclockwise