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Sold by The Faucet Doctor® - Why Does That Matter?

Remember - After the Sale when you install your upflush toilet is when it matters most.

The Faucet Doctor® was featured in the November issue of the national magazine Home & Garden for their specialty plumbing services. In August 2005, Larry was quoted in the New York Times for his expertise with upflush toilets. Just recently, Dec 2006, the Bob Vila Show called to interview him...makes you wonder- is Oprah next?!!!

Larry Sturm, is learning the internet, he is the new guy in town. He is also mouse-challenged. Watching him move the little rodent will bring tears to your eyes. He wants a laptop but thinks he first needs to buy a desktop to put it on. Now, what is a guy like Larry doing on the internet?

Larry is owner & founder of The Faucet Doctor®. He graduated from Thaddeus Stevens Trade School, a two year degree program for disadvantaged kids in Lancaster, PA. The funny story there was Larry never planned to be a plumber. He just went along for the ride with a high school friend taking an admissions test. The friend didn't get admitted but Larry did...it surely was the right path for his life. Larry was named at graduation "Most Outstanding Plumber" --add 35 years experience to that! He is a registered master plumber who is considered by most plumbers to be the Chief of Staff in the specialty field of hard-to-find plumbing. Many years ago it started with just faucets & quickly moved into upflush toilets & any odd fixture plumbers would come across...they knew where to turn for help! Watch Larry on a computer and you'll think your six year old is a genius, but put Larry in a bathroom with new, odd or obsolete fixtures ...
well stand back
& watch the master work!

Buying online you need someone like Larry. The other choice? The guys that pull a box off a warehouse shelf & slap on your address...do they know what's IN the box?! Can they explain the inside parts for repairs? After the sale will they help you? Can they be on the phone during your installation to ask questions? We've made phone calls to competitors...even we were shocked to get answering machines with no option to speak to anyone - telling you to send an email & they'll get back to you?? You speak with Larry, a registered plumber, everytime you call us.

At The Faucet Doctor® store, Larry, Russ, & Helen repair & replace odd plumbing like it was the norm. They aren't pushing what sells the best. The store is packed for one reason - they know what they're doing. Look in the parking lot & notice that it's packed with plumbing trucks from other companies! If plumbers know where to turn for experts, shouldn't you? Just like in person, you can buy online with confidence from The Faucet Doctor®.

It is a lost skill of days gone by to save a fixture, too many plumbers are quick to replace an entire bathroom rather than work on existing fixtures that the homeowners usually prefer to keep. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Faucet Doctor® became well-known in the Pennsylvania tri-state area for their amazing ability to save the lives of many a fixture. Any common day at Sturm's you can see an exhausted husband throw down a part, a faucet or a fixture & say - I know you don't have THAT! The look of disgust saying 'I've been everywhere'. ...Russ retreats to the back room & quickly puts the item on the counter. Tears swell in the wife's eyes as she whispers...Thank you, everyone said it couldn't be done!

Buy new from experts in the field...someone who knows odd plumbing, repair parts, and someone who STOCKS them. Have a more difficult situation? When tempted to give up, when told it can't be done, it can't be found...go to the specialist. Call who the plumbers call.

The Faucet Doctor® is always IN ! Call us & just like picking a doctor, you can decide after speaking with Larry, if he isn't the right choice for you to do business with. Upflush calls only at 724-321-2899.

The business was founded on STOCKING plumbing that cannot be found elsewhere. Back then Larry started a slogan that holds true still today. If WE don't have it...You won't find it...anywhere!

Locally, Sturm Plumbing/The Faucet Doctor® operates a full service plumbing company. Master plumbers available to fill service calls for everything from complete expert bath remodeling to minor faucet repairs. Since 1970 Sturm Plumbing has been a trusted name in Penn Township.


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