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Experience Like None Other:

It is a lost skill of days gone by to save a fixture, too many plumbers are quick to replace an entire bathroom rather than work on existing fixtures that the homeowners usually prefer to keep. We previously operated the Faucet Doctor store which was in a rural area 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Faucet Doctor® became well-known in the Pennsylvania tri-state area for their amazing ability to save the lives of many a fixture. You wouldn't be shocked to see license plates from out of state while an exhausted husband threw down a part, a faucet or a fixture & said - I know you don't have THAT! The look of disgust saying 'I've been everywhere'. ...Russ or Larry retreated to the back room & quickly put the item on the counter. Tears swelled in the wife's eyes as she whispered...Thank you, everyone said it couldn't be done!

The Faucet Doctor® was featured in the November issue of the national magazine Home & Garden for their specialty plumbing store. In August 2005, Larry was quoted in the New York Times for his expertise with upflush toilets. In Dec 2006, the Bob Vila Show called to interview him about a story they were doing on upflush toilets. This year he heard from the editor of Fine Homebuilding ...makes you wonder- is Oprah next?!!! All joking aside...those are not small potatoes, they are the big dogs & they knew where to turn for the BEST advice.

Larry Sturm, is learning the internet, he is the new guy in town. He is also mouse-challenged (why we have to open his emails !). Watching him move the little rodent will bring tears to your eyes. He wants a laptop but thinks he first needs to buy a desktop to put it on. Now, what is a guy like Larry doing on the internet?

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Larry is owner & founder of The Faucet Doctor®. He is a registered master plumber who is considered by most plumbers to be the Chief of Staff in the specialty field of hard-to-solve plumbing. Many years ago it started with just faucets & quickly moved into other specialities like upflush toilets. Any odd fixture plumbers would come across, they knew where to turn for help! Watch Larry on a computer and you'll think your six year old is a genius, but put Larry in a bathroom with a problem to solve, odd or obsolete fixtures ...
well stand back & watch the master work!

If you think you will find help a plumbing company that stocks all the parts you need - well think again. Our phone rings regularly for repairing odd faucets or fixtures that everyone else tells you "must replace it".

We answer every phone call, no answering services or machines during the work week. We return EVERY call almost immediately (or as quickly as possible). This is customer service like the way it was meant to be from the days long past.

They aren't pushing what sells the best. The store was packed for one reason - they know what they're doing. Look in the parking lot & notice that it's packed with plumbing trucks from other companies! If plumbers know where to turn for experts, shouldn't you? ...The Faucet Doctor®.

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The FAUCET DOCTOR Service remains operating by the same family owners. Call 724-744-2304 for all your in-home plumbing service calls. We still have all the parts you need.

The old retail store (for faucet parts only) located at Rt 130 in Harrison City has a new owner & a new location: 225 McKinley Ave, Braddock Hills, PA 15221



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